Frontier Orchard

Frontier Orchard

Frontier Orchard is contained within a single land title comprising a total area of 119.6890 hectares of land. The property is a recently established large-scale kiwifruit production block managed under a single KPIN comprising approximately 27.85 cha of 2017 Gold3, 33.70 cha of 2019/20 Gold3, 21.98 cha of Hayward Green kiwifruit and 1.46 cha of rootstock and unplanted structures. Other improvements to the property include a dwelling, a large open bay implement shed, and a recently constructed staff accommodation facility consented for 48 people plus a site office. The subject property is situated to the southern side of Otamarakau Valley Road, a short distance east of its intersection with Macdougall Quarry Road and approximately 8 kilometres south east of its intersection with State Highway 2 in Pukehina. The property is located approximately 50 kilometres south of Tauranga Central Business District.

Scope of Works:
The property was valued for Market Value purposes.

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