Latest National Dwelling Construction Costs

According to Statistics New Zealand media release: –

“Over the year to August 2016, the average expected cost to build a home was $346,000, at $1,906 a square metre. This information comes from building consents issued. However, in practice, the actual cost is usually at least 10 percent higher.

Regionally, the highest average costs were in Otago ($396,000) and Auckland ($390,000). The high costs in Otago were driven by homes in Queenstown-Lakes district, where the average cost was $445,000. Auckland had a higher cost per square metre than Otago, but a smaller average dwelling size.

The lowest average costs were in West Coast ($274,000) and Wellington ($284,000). Wellington’s low average was due to a higher proportion of apartments and retirement village units being consented in the region.

Within Auckland, the lowest average cost was in Manurewa-Papakura ward ($266,000), while the highest was in Waitemata and Gulf ward ($532,000).

In the North Island, the district with the lowest average cost for building a home was Kawerau ($200,000). In the South Island, it was Grey district ($252,000).

These values include GST but exclude fees and land prices. They are estimates only, as supplied on the building consent application. “

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